2000年からTattoo Artistの道を志し独学で学びながら絵を描き続け2004年に友人を彫った事をきっかけに本格的にTattoo Artistとしての道を歩み始める。
数年間はスキルアップの為にオールジャンルをこなしていたが現在は自身が一番魅了されているBlack&Grey Tattooのみに絞り国内では珍しい、Black&Grey Tattoo専門のTattoo Studioとなり全国から本格的なBlack&Grey Tattooを求めるお客様の期待に応え続けている。
近年では本場のChicanoとの交流もあり大御所チカーノラッパー『MC Pancho』にTattooを提供している。
国内では、『Chicanoになった日本人』で有名な Mr.KEI氏との交流もあり、KEI氏の絵を描いた事がきっかけでその絵がKEI氏の映画、『HOMIE KEI 』のパンフレットの表紙に使用されている。
Tattoo以外の活動としてはTattooを提供してる事がきっかけで意気投合した『Multi Plier Sync』と共にMulti Crewとして活動しMulti Plier Syncのミュージックビデオに多数出演し俳優としての活動も続けている。

In 2000, Genbu started drawings with self-taught knowledge.
In 2004, he started his career as a tattoo artist to tattooed freind of his.
For the first years, he did all the styles of tattoos but he’s only stick with fascinated style of “Black & Grey”. A speciality shop that provides only the “Black & Grey” style is very unique in Japan, and all the real heads, from all over the countries, who are also fascinated by the “Black & Grey” style come to his studio to get tattoos from him.
Recently, he’s been providing tattoos to a leading figure of a chicano rapper “MC Pancho”, and he’s got a tight connection with the chicano community.
He also has a tight connection with Mr. KEI who is well knowns as “A Japanese became a Chicano”.
He drew a painting of Mr. KEI, and the picture was used for the cover design for the Mr. KEI’s movie’s brochure, 「HOMIE KEI」.
Besides the tattoo activities, Genbu formed a new crew, Multi Crew, with 「Multi Plier Sync』.
They naturally became a good friends because he’s been providing tattoos to Multi Plier Sync and they also have common tastes for tattoo without exception.
This is how Genbu started his career as an actor and he appeared to many music videos for Multi Plier Sync


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