Practitioner, will be counseling both full appointment. Basically practitioner in diving is not accepted.After counseling, when you receive a formal order, so I will take your deposit ¥ 10,000, please prepare. So we ask the presentation of ID card at the time of counseling, please bring them to not forget. Since those in the studio does not accept treatment of color Tattoo and sum-carved, please understand.


One point・・・¥10,000〜
時間彫りの場合 1h Artist…..Genbu ¥18,000 / Artist…..Jin ¥13,000 / Artist…..Miyuki ¥13,000

Hygiene Control


Once a needle that was used, ink, ink cups, gloves, etc. are all disposable. We are using a brand new each time. Other tubes, grips, etc. After washing with ultrasonic cleaner (ultrasonic cleaner) and hand washing, and using an autoclave (high-temperature high-pressure sterilizer), and stored at sterilizing ray disinfection storage unit after performing the sterilizing treatment we have. Regarding the equipment, such as touched by the practitioner in the glove, all covered with plastic wrap, etc., it has disposed of after treatment.

After Care

アフターケアとは、Tattooを施術した後にお客様自身がして頂くケアのことです。Tattooをより綺麗に肌 へと落ち着かせる為にとても重要なことですので、きちんとしたアフターケアに御協力下さいますようお願い致します。尚、アフターケアの詳しい方法につきま しては施術後に直接お伝え致します。

The after-care, it is the care that asked to be yourself after surgery the Tattoo. Because it is very important in order to soothe and to a more beautiful skin Tattoo, please neat so please cooperate with aftercare. It should be noted that, with regard to the detailed method of aftercare will tell directly after treatment.